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Choosing the Right Hair Removal Process for You


Choosing the Right Hair Removal Process for You

For many, hair removal is a chore. There are a variety of methods available such as shaving, waxing, laser, electrolysis, threading or gadgets that are mechanical either cut or use springs or rubbing and depilatories. When considering which hair removal process is right for you, there are several factors to keep in mind: comfort, cost, and frequency.

            Perhaps something that we don’t always think of right away when choosing a hair removal method is the frequency. The cost to maintain the look is highly affected by the amount of time in between treatments. While shaving may be the easiest and least expensive choice, it needs to be done rather often depending on the type of hair you have. Shaving may be a quick solution to hair removal, but it is not always practical, especially on larger areas of the body.

            Laser hair removal and electrolysis are other options that will slow hair growth over time. Although both of these methods reduce the growth of hair over time, it involves many treatments and at a high cost. Many men use laser or electrolysis for the darker hair on the back, chest, and shoulders. It can be very effective in removing the hair in these areas, while increasing the time between treatments; with the hope of eventually eliminating the regrowth of hair. This process should only be done by a highly trained professional. If done incorrectly, it can cause permanent scarring or damage. Laser treatments and electrolysis are often followed up with  finipil® in the salon or spa to soothe the skin and shrink the hair follicles. Clients are usually sent home with a bottle to use after showering to help keep the skin clean and sanitary.

            At home gadgets, glorified shavers or springs and exfoliating pumice can be painful and damage the hair shaft by tearing and breaking the hair, causing irritation at the follicle. It may even increase the need to repeat the process due to this damage to the hair follicle. Depilatory creams are chemicals that often have a strong odor and may not be appropriate or gentle enough for some skin. It isn’t a practical way to remove hair over a large area, and the chemicals in the creams don’t make them a good choice for long-term use.

            Finally, we have waxing. Many people turn to waxing as another way to remove hair from sensitive areas. However, traditional waxing can damage the hair shaft by ripping the hair, pulling the skin, and damaging the hair follicle. An excellent alternative to waxing is Nufree®.  Nufree® is a non-wax, botanical substance that removes hair safely and gently without breaking or pulling at the hair or skin. Because  Nufree® is not a wax, it doesn’t harden on the skin and adheres fully to the hair shaft. Waxes cannot remove hair as gently and completely as  Nufree® can. The full hair shaft and a portion of the papilla are successfully removed when using Nufree®.  Nufree® is an excellent choice for hair removal for men and women alike, especially in sensitive areas that are prone to ingrown hairs and infections of the hair follicles. Over time,  Nufree® will also increase the time between treatments by slowing the regrowth process. It truly has many benefits to its use.

            With so many options available to us in hair removal, there is a lot to consider. However, the choice is simple when you want comfortable, effective, and affordable hair removal— Nufree® and finipil®. Not only will you safely remove hair with no pulling, tearing, or damage, but you will reduce hair growth over time and needs less treatments, too! Treat your skin to healthy hair removal with  Nufree® and finipil®.

By: Sara E. Goodwin