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Men’s Grooming Tips and Showering Essentials


Men’s Grooming Tips and Showering Essentials

Many people, men and women alike, think you need a cabinet full of products to keep you clean and feeling great. This just isn’t true. Just a few products that work well together to keep your skin clean, fresh, and healthy are all you need. Protecting your skin’s natural pH mantel is crucial to maintaining the balance of oils that your skin needs, too. So, instead of crowding your shower and bathroom with products that are working against each other, or just aren’t right for your skin, choose the best products and reduce the amount of time and money you’re wasting.

            Men’s bath products tend to be too harsh and strip the skin of necessary oils. But how do you control body odor and sweat without over-cleansing? Showering too often and in very hot water is actually counterproductive. After a good workout, everyone wants a hot shower, but you need to be careful or you’ll dry your skin out and over-exfoliate it, consider a cool down rinse instead! Also, it is important not to take very hot showers after you’ve been in the sun or after hair removal. This would leave the pores (hair follicles) open, not maintaining healthy pH. Hard very hot water can strip it of the healthy oils that it needs and then clog your pores the same way it leaves film on the shower tiles.With the right products, showering can leave your skin feeling and smelling clean. 4 men only Shampoo and Body Wash is designed just for men. It’s balanced cleansing formula leaves skin feeling clean, but does not over strip it or leave it dry and damaged. It is gentle enough to use all over your body, including your face and hair. 4 men only also has a nice, masculine scent that is derived from botanical ingredients, so you know that harsh perfumes won’t irritate your skin either. 

            4 men only Shampoo and Body Wash will leave you feeling clean, smelling great, and keep your hair looking healthy. As with the rest of the  4 men only products, the Shampoo/ Bodywash and Toner uses botanical ingredients that clean your hair without stripping it and over-drying it. 4 men only products all work with your skin’s natural chemistry to keep it looking and feeling great.

           When it comes to hair removal, Nufree® 4 men only is the best way to go for an effective and comfortable method. Because  Nufree® 4 men only is not a wax, it adheres to the hair’s oil perfectly and completely, allowing it to totally remove the hair shaft, bulb, and papilla without sticking to skin. This allows for a greater amount of time in between removals. Following your hair removal with  finipil® 4 men only is a perfect way to keep skin free of bacteria, shrink the open pores, prevent infection and ingrown hairs.  finipil® 4 men only is also an excellent choice for your day to day showering and shaving routines, because it works great in place of aftershave, is much more gentle than aftershave, kills 99.999% of germs, keeps skin healthy and moisturized, and clean after shaving.  finipil® 4 men only can also be used at the gym even before a workout, to reduce areas that come into contact with sweaty gym equipment or pool and locker room floors.

         These four simple products are just what you need to simplify your showering and grooming routine and de-clutter your bathroom or gym bag.  4 men only shampoo and body washNufree® 4 men only hair remover, and finipil® 4 men only moisturizing antiseptic cream work together to keep your showering and grooming routines quick and easy, while maintaining your skin’s natural pH mantel and keeping you clean and looking great.

By: Sara E. Goodwin