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Should Men Use Women’s Hair Removal Products?


Should Men Use Women’s Hair Removal Products?

With the summer months upon us, it’s finally time to hit the beaches and pools! But that means it’s also time to think about hair removal. Guys, the last thing you want at the beach is a sweater; even facial hair seems to need more attention when it’s hot. So, what should you do to keep your skin smooth, hair-free, and healthy? Women’s products just won’t cut it. Men’s hair growth is quite different than most women, therefore, they have different needs and considerations when choosing a hair removal method.

           One of the reasons that men need to find products that are specifically tailored to their needs is that they perspire more than women, thus creating more bacteria on the skin. Both oil production and perspiration is increased during the summer months, which can lead to clogged pores.  finipil® 4 men only, a product designed by Equibal Labs just for men, works to eliminate the presence of bacteria on the skin and keep pores and hair follicles clear. It works great as an aftershave for the face because it shrinks the hair follicle and kills 99.999% of bacteria that may be present on the skin. By keeping the follicles healthy, it also improves the texture of hair as it grows back.

           Body hair removal, in the summer, becomes much more of a concern due to the fact that hair holds onto the bacteria from perspiration, as well as the excess oils that are produced, and can cause odor in addition to uncomfortable skin. Hair also grows more quickly in the heat, making it important to find a method that works and keeps your skin comfortable and looking great.

           Professional salons that offer hair removal using  Nufree® 4 men only are the best choice for a comfortable, complete hair removal process that will last longer than most other traditional methods, such as waxing or shaving. One of the greatest benefits of  Nufree® 4 men only, is that it adheres fully to the hair follicle, allowing for removal without breakage, and effectively removes all or most of the hair papules. This lengthens the time between hair removal and keeps your skin healthy.

           Your skin can benefit even more from using  Nufree® 4 men only by following your hair removal with  finipil® 4 men only. These two products work together to keep your skin clean, smooth, and healthy. By using  finipil® 4 men only after your Nufree® 4 men only treatment, you shrink the pores, keeps the skin free of bacteria, and protect the hair follicle from being clogged with dirt and oils. Using finipil ® 4 men only at home ensures that your skin stays clean and healthy in between hair removal and can be used as an aftershave, as well as many other antibacterial uses, preventing ingrown hairs and maintaining healthy skin and hair texture.

           For summertime and beyond, men’s hair removal is made easy with the Equibal Labs line of products designed with men’s needs in mind. finipil® 4 men only and Nufree® 4 men only work together as a powerhouse team to help you look great and feel even better.

By: Sara E. Goodwin