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Should Men Use Women’s Skincare Products?


Should Men Use Women’s Skincare Products?

When it comes to skincare, not all products work for every skin type. There are many factors that contribute to our skin’s needs such skin types: oily, normal, or sensitive skin types. But what about men’s skin versus women’s skin? Should men use the same skincare products as women? Is there really a difference in what men need for their skin beyond just the masculine scent?

            Using products that are too harsh for sensitive skin types, or too greasy for oily skin, can cause breakouts and irritation. But men and women have even more differences. This is because your skin is affected by hormone levels. The presence, or absence, of male and female hormones (testosterone vs. estrogen and progesterone) significantly impacts the pH balance of the skin’s mantel. Men’s skin is generally thicker, as a result, and has larger pores that produce more perspiration and sebum. Men also have facial hair, which affects how the skin needs to be cleansed and moisturized.

            finipil® 4 Men is a moisturizer, antimicrobial, aftershave, cleanser, and so much more made with the special balance of a man’s skin in mind. Used in salons, barbershops, and at home as a post hair removal skin treatment,  finipil® 4 Men is a wonderful product for men everywhere who have suffered from skin conditions such as razor burn, folliculitis, contact dermatitis, and more. Because it is an excellent antimicrobial moisturizer, it has a number of uses as part of a man’s skincare routine. It can be used on the face after shaving, which will shrink the pore, cool the skin, and prevent any bacteria from entering the follicle. It has a masculine scent that is derived from botanical ingredients. It also helps keep skin smelling clean because it kills odor causing bacteria on the skin that comes from perspiration. Many men use  finipil® 4 Men before or after exercise on various areas of their skin and to keep their feet clean in a locker room or pool environment, because it is so good at killing bacteria. It has so many uses, it is a product that every man needs.

            Nufree 4 Men Only is another product that is specially designed for a man’s skin. Men’s hair follicles tend to be thicker and more active, causing the hair to appear coarser.  Nufree 4 Men Only is a non-wax, botanically based hair removal product that is designed with a man’s body chemistry in mind. It is a gentle and safe way for men to remove hair that they don’t want to shave. Because it doesn’t break the hair during removal, the follicle remains clean and free of irritation. This reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs and follicle irritation. It will also slow the growth of the hair, which will lengthen the amount of time between removal. For larger areas, such as the back or shoulders, this product will benefit men who are looking for a pain free hair removal method that will not cause irritation or damage the skin. When used with  finipil® 4 Men, it has even more benefits!

            A man’s skin deserves the same amount of care as a woman’s, but the same products don’t always work. It’s most important to find a product line that fits your skin’s needs, while working to help you maintain a healthy pH for your skin’s mantel. Harsh exfoliation, abrasive chemicals, and improper hair removal can cause irritated, inflamed skin. Gentle, botanical products such as  finipil® 4 Men and Nufree 4 Men by Equibal Labs provide just the right balance to work with a man’s skin chemistry. You’ll notice the difference!

By: Sara E. Goodwin