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Wax vs. Non-Wax Hair Removal with Nufree®


Wax vs. Non-Wax Hair Removal with Nufree®

Hair removal comes in many forms. Aestheticians know what to recommend for their clients with varying needs. However, when trying to choose between traditional wax and a non-wax hair removal treatment for your salon, the answer is simple: Nufree® is the best choice for your clients’ needs. Nufree® stainless steel kit is the most sanitary and gentle form of hair removal available for your salon. When paired with finipil®, its comfort and antibacterial benefits can’t be beat.

            Traditional wax-based hair removal products evaporate when heated. This can result in a dramatic loss in product as the wax sits in a warmer. Nufree® won’t evaporate when heated because it is a botanical triglyceride that is totally hydro-phobic. This is important because it cannot harbor bacteria of any kind. Using Nufree® saves money in the long run, because you won’t experience the amount of loss that comes from the wax-based removers. It is self-preserving as well and can be reheated, while retaining its antimicrobial properties for years.

            Additionally, waxes harden or evaporate on the skin and can tear the skin and break the hairs upon removal. Nufree® is a proven epilade that is all botanical and contains no wax! Nufree® remains a liquid when applied to the skin; it never hardens, meaning it can be erased should your application need correction. Its temperature is regulated by the time it touches your skin, creating maximum comfort for clients. Nufree® doesn’t tear the skin or break hairs because it adheres to the oils of the hair and doesn’t stick on the skin’s surface. There is no need to pre-dry the skin with preparation products, such as is the case with a waxing, because Nufree® will not stick to normal skin. This decreases the risk for irritation and infection of the pores or hair follicles. Nufree® is a self- preserving antimicrobial/antibacterial so it is safe and germ-free! Using finipil® after Nufree® hair removal will further reduce irritation, cool and soothe the skin, and provide antibacterial protection to the empty follicles, further reducing the chances for bumps and ingrown hairs. Nufree® was designed over 40 years ago for plastic surgeons who needed to have a gentle method of hair removal at incision sites. With this in mind, Nufree® was designed to keep skin healthy, yet effectively remove hair.

           A stainless-steel kit is preferred for use with Nufree® because it is the most sanitary way to use the product and is impervious to all bacteria. When applied using the stainless steel applicator, that is kept heated, you can ensure that do not pick up any bacteria from the client’s skin through drag on application versus porous applicators. You will successfully use a very thin amount of Nufree® product which is the proper way to remove hair. The stainless steel is fully sanitized using an EPA approved cleaner and heat. Available through Equibal Labs, this stainless is of the same quality used by medical professionals and uses a hospital recommended sanitizer.By using the Nufree® line of hair removal products, including stainless steel applicators, warmers, and sanitizers, you are providing your clients with the highest quality, most gentle, non-wax hair removal product that is available on the market today. 

By: Sara E. Goodwin