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Nufree 4 Men Only Jar Pack

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Nufree 4 Men Only Jar Pack

With Nufree 4 Men Only

Men want sexy, smooth body skin but don't want to deal with the pain associated with hair removal. 
Nufree 4 Men is a non-wax hair removal process that can remove hair on almost any part of the male body.
It's safe, fast, easy, and there's no redness, swelling, or discomfort. 

Nufree 4 Men Only Jar Pack Includes: 
- (2) 8oz. jars Nufree 4 Men Only
- (1) Pack Strips 100ct. 

UPDATE: According to UL, Intertek and CSA NEVER use a numbing agent before applying any hair removal that is heated. It is your liability not ours.