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Blemfree All-Day Lotion 4 oz

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Blemfree All-Day Lotion 4 oz

Our Blemfree™ All-Day Lotion moisturizes and protects your skin all day long while fighting bacteria. Our cooling astringent formula breaks down excess oils and fights the bacteria that clogs the pores – without the reddening or tightness of typical dry-up blemish creams. It acts as an oil-reducing, all-day shield for your skin. This light, water-based moisturizer is ideal for blemish-prone skin.

Powerful extracts of chamomile, hamamelis and goldenseal help to clean, protect and refresh your skin. When you expose your oily or combination skin to the environment, it picks up and holds bacteria that may cause unsightly blemishes. Naturally soothing, these hardworking natural agents fight against the negative effects of bacteria.