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Blemfree Toner & Balancer 8 oz

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Blemfree Toner & Balancer 8 oz

Our Blemfree™ Toner & Balancer restores and balances your skins pH level after washing, while keeping your pores healthy and clean. It gently cleans, soothes and protects irritated skin while keeping bacteria at bay. Balance your pH, especially if you’re prone to blemishes.

The top surface of your skin, or mantle, is normally acidic, which helps protect it from bacteria. When you wash your face to remove surface oil and debris, you change the mantle's pH balance from acidic to alkaline. Unfortunately, bacteria thrive in an alkaline environment. That's why it's so important to tone your skin after cleansing – to restore your skin's acid balance so that it can effectively keep bacteria at bay. We use natural extracts of hamamelis, chamomile and goldenseal in a water-based solution to bring the pH of your skin into balance and at proper levels.